Frustrated by the dearth of chilli oils available on local and even international shelves, Banhoek Chilli Oil set out to create their own premium oil; testing and trialling dozens of variations of chillies, oils and production methods until they got it right. 

What began as a passion project in a home kitchen has since grown into a thriving enterprise, and today Banhoek Chilli Oil is sold in hundreds of stores across southern Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States. Welcome to our world of flavour and heat.

the result

Every batch of Banhoek Chilli Oil is handcrafted, with induction technology ensuring an even extraction of flavour from local ingredients only. After infusion the rosy-hued oil is drained, cooled and passed through a 16-stage filter to ensure a crystal-clear chilli oil that carries the bold flavours of sun-ripened Bird’s Eye chillies with just the right hit of heat. Banhoek Chilli Oil; an essential addition to every pantry.

  • Banhoek Chilli Oil is handmade in the Banhoek Valley which is located in the Winelands of South Africa.
  • Ban(g)hoek (Scary corner) got its name from the leopards and other dangerous animals that roamed this valley.
  • Banhoek Chilli Oil was created to achieve a consistent heat level.
  • only Two natural ingredients, dried chilli, infused into canola oil. All locally and sustainably sourced.
  • Canola oil, acts as a neutral base, enhancing the flavour of our chillies.
  • Hand made in small batches to ensure quality and not mass produced.
  • Winner of THE coveted Great Taste Award by The Guilds of Fine Foods