ABC Momentum is committed to showcasing the artisanal heritage and quintessential beauty of Africa, its vibrant people, and its diverse products. Our brands and the artisans who make them, craft their products to the highest quality standards to create uniqueness imbued with their own take on African creativity.

ABC Momentum has travelled throughout South Africa, visiting the premises and people who make these brands come to life. We watched as they handpicked the best ingredients and materials, making sure they are natural and responsibly sourced. We believe this hands-on approach to sourcing our brands, our personal touch and years of business and marketing acumen will drive these brands to find favourable markets across the world.

Featured Brands

Funky Ouma

“Funky Ouma”, Afrikaans for “Funky Grandmother”, is the result of a very funky Ouma of 10 grandchildren who’s been playing around with food and spices all her life, but only decided at 67 to start her own brand together with her youngest daughter, Johannita Eksteen. Funky Ouma offers wonderful farm fresh herb filled salts and spices.

Fynbos Fine Foods is a family business which was founded in 1996. The farm, which grows a large variety of chillies, is situated in the Swartland area approximately 63km outside of Cape Town, South Africa, in a small farming district called Tierfontein.
Eat Art

The brand – now the gifting division of Cape Herb & Spice from South Africa’s “Mother City” of Cape Town –  is driven by an indelible love of food coupled with uncompromising expertise in design, food trend forecasting and packaging technology. has carved its niche in the global fine food industry as an innovator of unique food gifting products of the highest quality.

Rozendal follows the traditional French Orleans method of vinegar making. Vinegar is made from a blend of red wine cultivars and activated by an indigenous “mother” culture originating from the farm’s first vinegar of 1988.

Banhoek Chilli Oil was established in South Africa’s Western Cape winelands in 2017. Frustrated by the dearth of chilli oils available on local and even international shelves, they set out to create their own premium oil; testing and trialling dozens of variations of chillies, oils and production methods until they got it right.

Supporting our natural and cultural heritage by encouraging food growing in nature that then results in the production of high quality, great tasting, speciality salts, edible blossoms, fruits, herbs, stocks and seaweed.

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